Convergences (11':30", stereo)

On rare occasions I have found myself on the dance floors of London's Brick Lane bars, mesmerised by the spectromorphological detail of the often banal, regulated pulses - no doubt encouraged by the combination of alcohol and boredom! For me the most interesting parts are the short-lived transitory moments in-between tracks where one song seamlessly, and sometimes dramatically, converges with another. The tricks utilised by the DJ are instinctively familiar to an electroacoustic composer - the introduction of high frequency noise that functions as a kind of spectral clearing, the use of filters to reduce the track to higher frequency components (typically the high-hat) followed by the gradual introduction of the bass (textural ground) from another track (metrically synchronised of course). Also fascinating is the use of internal pulses within a more textural setting.

Despite my interest I remain a stranger to the club sound-world, always observing it from a distance. This dichotomy, the tearing between two worlds, is apparent in the piece. There are internal pulses waiting to explode and chaotic textures converging to move towards metric regulation, as if caused by an invisible magnetic field.

The piece was premiered at City University London on 2 November 2011 and was nominated by the Grand Jury of the international Destellos competition in 2011.